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Queen B Magical Perfumes

Queen B perfumes – A venture initiated by a local women entrepreneur in Abu Dhabi. As per her vision, now Queen B is a brand catering the traditional and modern fragrances to Middle East perfume lovers. She knows the desire and ecstasy behind each perfume Queen B is having. Customer satisfaction is the primary factor in this industry and this understanding makes Queen B a very clear platform and well groomed in perfume industry.

All our products, which hold different brand names, will be marketed under the flagship trademark "Queen B" and we assure that all our fragrances are unique from the existing competing international brands as we use natural oils, originated from France and Japan as raw materials rather than using synthetic chemical compounds.

The brand has been launched officially at Madinat Jumaira hotel on 24th May 2007 in U.A.E. The brands have been advertised in major medias like TV, News papers, Magazines, In-Flight Magazines, outdoor ads and other mediums, in order to tap the market as per thoroughly premeditated vision and guidelines.

The brand has a shelf in our own outlets in the region, international duty free shops, and in the international market place as we planned our products in the premium segment, which meets the requirement of the international market.